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Writer's Block: State of the Union

Who do you think would make a great U.S. president?
Clark Kent aka Superman. Haha. He might have revoked his citizenship to be a global citizen but he's still bad ass.

A literary masterpiece

Which books will you certainly read to your children, nieces, nephews or godchildren?
Which books will you certainly read to your children, nieces, nephews or godchildren?

I books I will definately ready to any children I might have.

The List
1. anything by Dr. Seus
2. The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus by L. Fran Braum
3. Corn Women by Angela Virgil
4. Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish
5. Winnie the Pooh
6. Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park
7. anything by Tomie De Paola
8. anything by Patricia Polacco
9. anything by Jan Brett
10. Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osbourne
11. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
12. Brothers' Grim
13. folklores/myths
14. Hank the Cowdog by John R. Erickson
15. Ramona by Beverly Cleary
16. anything by Cornelia Flunke
17. Little House on the Prarie by Laura Ingals Wilder
18. Chronciles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
19. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
20. Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans

The list might seem excessive but in my experience with having lots of cousins between the ages of 0-3 and working at the library during the summer is that small children love being read to (even if their request is ignored most of the time). I love reading and hopefully any future kids of mine will too.
Would you live in the perfect house or apartment rent-free if you found out a brutal murder had taken place there and it was rumored to be haunted? Why or why not?

Yes! I can' t even think of a reason why I wouldn't accept an amazing FREE house. Nothing like a good exorcism or a visit from the Ghostbusters to get rid of a few unwanted dead guests.

Writer's Block: Ticket to ride

If you could take an all-expense-paid two-week vacation to anywhere in the world with one friend or partner, where would you go and who would you take?

Simple question. Nothing like a trip to Florence, Italy with my little sis! Last time I went there I absolutely adored it and if there was ever another chance to go there again I would so love to go with my sister. She'll probably enjoy Japan (once everything is better there) more but Florence....I want to go there again.

Day 6 (4 more to go!)

DAY 6: 10 items you can’t live without
  • Computers
  • Cellphone
  • Books
  • Plushies
  • A ring my mom gave me for my Sweet Sixteen
  • Ipod
  • Chocolate
  • Newspapers
  • Toilets :P
  • Medicine


Day 5

DAY 5: 10 wishes
  • To go to Europe again:)
  • Tokyo!
  • Master an other language.
  • Attended KU or KWU.
  • Get married and have two kids.
  • Get a job I love.
  • Make it to the top of my graduating class
  • Have a change to see the Smithsonian.
  • Still be able to be in contact with my family even after the years pass us by
  • Perhaps, the lasts and final wish should be: Hoping I'll be alive to see all these things happen?


Day 4

DAY 4: 10 things you want to say to one person some certain people in your life.
  • I love you
  • I'm really grateful for everything you've done for me
  • Ugh! You're cool and everything but can you just please shut the hell up!
  • Haha. Sweet!
  • Sometimes, I feel like a need a hug every now and then.
  • You're a bitch.
  • You annoy the heck out of me.
  • You're one of the coolest people I've ever met.
  • Why did you go?
  • Why all the hate? Times have changed.


Day 3

DAY 3: 10 things you hate
  • Child abusers
  • Rapists
  • Cheaters
  • Backstabbers
  • Animal abusers
  • Liars
  • Seeing people I care about sad
  • Bad school grades
  • Feeling like an absolute failure
  • Mosquitoes


Day 2

DAY 2: 10 things you love
  • Anime/Manga
  • Music
  • My family and friends :)
  • Books
  • Dragons
  • Hot Cocoa
  • School
  • Mythology
  • Summer days
  • Traveling


10 Day meme

Meme from memeseveriwhere 

Day 1: 10 Things About Yourself
  • I've been to five countries
  • I'm bilingual
  • I'm more superstitious than religious (how does that happen?)
  • I'm taller than both my parents
  • I like baking
  • I've apparently developed a lip balm addiction this month.
  • I sometimes forget about the people I'm texting to
  • I've got the attention span of a squirrel
  • After being to a big city I have never made fun of squirrels ever again
  • None of my pets have never lived long. I no longer get pets.